Why Oomph Is The Perfect Personal CRM


Whilst most CRMs focus on team use, some professionals seek a personal CRM where they can benefit from personal tools.

Whilst most CRM software focus on team use, sometimes professionals seek a personal CRM whereby they can benefit from similar CRM tools, on a personal level. This may involve certain organisational tools that help the individual organise their day, manage contacts, receive reminders, and streamline their small business processes. In this article, we highlight the tools that make Oomph the perfect personal CRM software package.

1. Contact Organisation

Oomph's comprehensive contact management tools allow users to organize their customers or leads in a way that makes sense to them. Users can categorise their customers as they wish, adding in as many custom fields as they feel necessary. This results in a highly personal touch, with detailed records of the contacts that matter. they can also use the Activity tool to record interactions they have with each customer.

2. Personal Workflow

Oomph has a number of tools that are great for managing personal daily workflow, such as the To-Do's feature which enables users to create specific tasks that need to be completed. Users also have the option to add more detail by adding checklists for To-Do's to break tasks down into manageable sized chunks.

3. Calendars

The Oomph calendar helps users to visualise and plan their day, week, month or year and is an essential tool for personal CRM software. Fortunately, Oomph has two calendars: one for personal use and the other that works as group/team calendar which enables users to easily switch between the two depending on the situation.

4. Dashboards

Oomph's dashboards brings all of the above together, providing users with a snapshot visualisation of their CRM. It's a useful tool that provides users with an overview of urgent tasks that need attending to along with their calendars, sales pipelines and more.

Put some Oomph into your business

You can trial Oomph CRM free for 14 days with no card details required whatsoever. The free trial gives you access to every feature and tool available so that you can get a real feel for the system and decide if it's right for you. Register for your free trial here